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Wider Curriculum  and  Well being

Please choose one activity from this page every Monday, Thursday and Friday. This is in addition to the Core lessons presented each day. 


You will also find resources for any 'extra's that we discuss - either on a Class Zoom meeting or that may be suggested via Class Dojo.

1. Scavenger Hunt Monster Mash - closing date Sunday 17th January (5pm)

2. Happiness jar

3. Explore Science

How about trying out some exciting Winter themed science experiments:

Snow Fluff:

Snow Globe:

Sizzling Snowballs:

Ice Fishing:


4.  Physical Activity

Join Joe Wicks every day to get fit    quick from the comfort of your own home:


Go  for a walk with your parents    and see if you can complete this Winter scavenger hunt:

5. Games for brains

Become a maths superstar  by playing Hit the Button and build your maths skills into super speedy recall :


We may not have enough real snow at the minute but perhaps you could build a snowman   anyway! Follow the link to    this game and see what happens: