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'Flotsam' specific activities (Whole School Book)

On Thursday (4th March), please encourage your children to view this book and undertake at least one of the following activities.

Children can dress up for our class get together on World Book Day where we will share a story together.


Please follow this link  to view the story:
Children  can choose from these activities:

● Create an ocean themed Acrostic poem (single word acrostic or a more complex acrostic with sentences)

● Create a seaside / ocean scene using any media you wish (mixed materials, paint, crayons, sand etc or ICT: Powerpoint or another digital image making programme). Label your scene using full sentences, rich with exciting language. Try and include some expanded noun phrases.


● Can you use a camera? Create a story using a series of pictures just like the book Flotsam. Give it a title and a short blurb.


● Choose one scene from the book and describe it using the five senses:
See, smell, hear, touch, taste
eg; I can see the starfish dancing in the silky soft waves.
             I can smell the simple scent of the sea.
            I can taste the crisp sea salt on my tongue.
            I feel the sand gently tickling my toes.
            I can hear the gentle waves lapping quietly against the shore.