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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Adjectives and Adverbs


Discuss with your parents about the difference between a verb and a noun. When writing we want to be as descriptive as possible for the reader and that means adding more detail to our verbs and nouns for the reader.  Discuss what descriptive means.


Ex. The cat played with the baby. 

The orange,   tabby cat played gently with the newborn baby. 


Gently is the adverb because it describes how the cat played (verb). 

Orange is the colour of the cat (noun)

Newborn describes the baby (noun)


Complete these adjectives and adverbs. Create 2 of your own.


1.) The _______ cat played _________ with the ________baby.


2.) The  __________ bird was flying ________________ in the sky.


3.) The __________dog jumped ________________ towards the delivery person.


4.) Today I will _____________ play with my ____________ dog.


5.) Last week, I sang _____________ together with my _________ year 1 class.

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