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Mang'ang'a School

We are linked with a Primary school in Ouygis, North-West Kenya, called Mang'ang'a School. Both staff  and pupils  exchange letters with their counterparts, we swap ideas, samples of work and photographs with the school. You will see from the photographs that they have barely any resources at all and we like to help them as much as we can by sending out books, stationery and equipment.

We rasied enough funds to provide not one, but two, huge water tanks for the school, enabling the children to drink clean, fresh water.

January 2015. The headteacher Johnstone Jairo, sadly passed away at the age of 45, leaving a wife and 7 children. He contracted typhoid. The Deputy Headteacher, Harrison Odhiambo has been appointed to take his place. 
This year we are fundraising to pay for new toilets to be built at the school.
Picture 1
Picture 2 learning Kiswahili
Picture 3 the first secondary class at the school
Picture 4 the toilets
Picture 5 the toilets
Picture 6 The football field
Picture 7 school kitchen
Picture 8 the only cooking facilities
Picture 9 school assembly
Picture 10 Our first water tank!!!
Picture 11 Our second water tank!!
Picture 12 gifts2 Jan 15
Picture 13 gifts2 Jan 15
Picture 14 The headteacher with resources sent by us
Picture 15 new classrooms
Picture 16 receiving gifts2 Jan 14
Picture 17 receiving gifts2 Jan 14
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21 staff meeting
Picture 22
Picture 23 The toilets - in desperate need of replacing
Picture 24
Picture 25 Year 1 class
Picture 26 the only water storage