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Addition and Subtraction Practice

Friday: End of Unit Check

Week 9

Monday: Lesson 3 Telling Time to the Hour


Tuesday: Lesson 4 Telling Time to the Half Hour


Wednesday: Lesson 5 Writing Time

Thursday:  Lesson 6 Comparing Time


Friday: Lesson 7 Solving Word Problems

Week 8

Monday:  Lesson 9 Numbers bonds to 100 (2)


Tuesday:  End of Unit 16



Thursday: Unit 17 Time:    Lesson 1


Friday: Unit 17 Lesson 2

Wednesday: Additional Place Value practice

Week 7

Monday:  Unit 16 Lesson 4: Partitioning  Numbers (2)

Tuesday: Unit 16 Lesson 5: Comparing Numbers

Wednesday: Unit 16 Lesson 6: Comparing Numbers (2)

Thursday: Unit 16 Lesson 7:  Ordering Numbers

Friday: Unit 16 Lesson 8: Bonds to 100

Monday: Introduction to Unit 16

Tuesday:  Introduction to Unit 16

Wednesday: Unit 16 Lesson 1

Thursday: Unit 16 Lesson 2 Exploring Number Patterns

Friday: Unit 16    Lesson 3 Partitioning Numbers

     Week 5

Monday: Unit 14 End of Unit Check

Mr. Razz's Turn and Direction Video

Unit 15: Position and Direction  Lesson 1

Unit 15: Position and Direction Lesson 2

Unit 15: Position and Direction Lesson 3

Position and Direction Games and Activities

Week 4

Monday: Unit 14 lesson 1: Finding Halves

Tuesday: Unit 14 lesson 2: Finding Halves (2)

Wednesday: Unit 14 lesson 3: Finding Quarters

Thursday: Unit 14 lesson 4: Finding Quarters (2)

Friday: Unit 14 lesson 5: Word Problems

                           Week 3

Monday: Lesson 3 Sharing  Equally

Tuesday: Lesson 4    Sharing  Equally (2)

Wednesday: Lesson 5 Solving Word Problems

Thursday:  End of Unit Assessment

Friday: VE Day 

No School

   Week 2 

Monday: Lesson 5 Making Doubles

Tuesday: Lesson 6: Solving Word Problems

Wednesday: Multiplication Assessment

A Brief Introduction to  Division

Thursday: Lesson 1  Making  Equal Groups

Friday:  Lesson 2 Making Equal Groups (2)

Week 1  


Monday: Introduction to Multiplication

Tuesday:  Lesson 1  Counting in 10s, 5s, and 2s

Wednesday: Lesson 2 Equal Groups

Thursday: Lesson 3 Adding Equal Groups

Friday: Lesson 4 Making Simple Arrays




Money Math!


These practice sheets will help children learn the values of the different coins and help with their counting skills. Do them at your own pace


Practicing with real money is always best, though. Try role-playing a yard sale or opening a shop in your home to teach your children about spending, saving, and giving change and all that fun stuff!