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Unit 10 Lesson 2:  Non-Standard Unit of Measure


Unit 10 Lesson 3:  Non-Standard Unit of Measure (part 2)


Unit 10 Lesson 4: Measure using a ruler

Unit 10 Lesson 1: Introducing Length and Height

Please complete the questions in your PowerMaths practice books.

Lesson 10 and 11

Lesson 10 and 11 1
Lesson 10 and 11 2

Lesson 9:  Counting in 5s

Please watch and follow this lesson while completing your work in your Home-Learning book.

Lesson 8: Counting in 2s

Money Math!


These practice sheets will help children learn the values of the different coins and help with their counting skills. Do them at your own pace


Practicing with real money is always best, though. Try role-playing a yard sale or opening a shop in your home to teach your children about spending, saving, and giving change and all that fun stuff!