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Lesson 1 Who is Alexander Graham Bell?


https://classroom.the ons/who-is-alexandergraham-bell-68vk4t


In this area of learning, you may like to create    a powerpoint, to share when we return to school,  make a poster  about who the Anglo Saxons were. Be creative and have some fun with it!


Anglo Saxon Britain


Who were the Anglo Saxons? /bitesize/topics/zxsbcd m/articles/zq2m6sg


Choose the activity for Thursday 25th February: "Smiling challenge".

Draw a HUGE smiling face and then write down all the reasons that make you smile or laugh.

Bring it to the zoom meeting at 9.30 am.


Making people smile activity

If you would like to try something different....

This unit of work has been inspired by our very own class visionary leader. Thank you to Summer and her Mum for the ideas!

Choose specific inspirational characters to research - look at the historical period they lived in, learn about the country & culture, where in the world were they? Does the country still exist, or has its name changed? You may like to investigate diet, recipes and cook food from there for your family to enjoy. Have they left a lasting legacy?

You can choose to present your findings in any way you would like to. Be creative!

Suggested individuals you may like to research:

Marie Curie, Esther Afua Ocloo, Vera Rubin, Yayoi Kusama, Monir Shahroudy, Toni Morrison, Benjamin Banneker, James Armistead Lafayette, Frederick Douglass, Bass Reeves, Robert Smalls, Charles Henry Turner.

These suggested individuals have been taken from the books listed below which are a great starting point for researching into the lives of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

Little Leaders: Visionary Women around the World


Little Leaders: Exceptional Men in Black History

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

I think we may have to buy a set for the classroom!

Think about what you might like to achieve in your own lifetime and how you will reach that goal. Maybe a book written in the future will contain information about you!