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Transition to Year 2

Year 2 is a wonderful adventure filled with the magic of learning and curiosity.  


Please click the link below to find out more about your Year 2 adventure! 


Imagination is everything!

Begin with a wonderful story and then complete the activities below.  What will really impress me, will be if you take your time and show off your presentation skills!   


Be as creative and imaginative as you can so that I can find out all about you! 

Listen to The Dot story by clicking the link below.  Then download and print the picture frame.  Create your own picture with a black dot!  Look at the examples in the picture.  One black dot can be... (a balloon, an alien, a flower, an  ice-cream or a bear).

You need to complete each section to show me information about you.  There are 9 sections.  Type your answers into the spaces provided.   You don't need to make any changes to the font or font colour.  Save it and then email it back to me.  I will print it for you, ready for September.      

Tip:  To insert the photo ... click on the photo once you have pasted it into Word, then click on Format, Wrap text and choose In front of text.  You will then be able to manipulate the graphic easily.  

I  will message parents on Class Dojo with my email address on Tuesday morning.



ONE question

I am sure you have lots of questions that you are wanting to ask! You are allowed ONE question. Remember a question requires an answer. You can choose whether you want to ask your question in a video or if you'd rather just type your question, then that is fine too! I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as I can. Please get all your questions in before we break up for the summer holidays as I would like to have responded to you all by then.


If you are looking for more... print the word search and see if you can find all your friends' names.

Write your name in BIG letters on the hand and then decorate it.  Show off your artistic skills!





Email me your All about me flower once you have completed it.

Hand in your ONE question on Class Dojo.


Please keep all your other work safe, so you can bring them into school, on your first day in September.

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