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w/c 01.02.2021


Spelling Shed Stage 1,2 or 3

List 17    to be tested on the o3.02.2020

List 18  practice commences on the  03.02.2020 to be tested   10.02.2020

Spelling test via Hive games on Ed Shed every Wednesday 11am


Read a chapter from a book of your choice.

Pick one activity card from the 'Reading Challenge cards' (follow link below) and respond to it. Please complete one challenge card per day.


Follow the links in the document below for video input, activity sheets and answer sheets.


Follow the link  and tackle lessons  1 to 5 (punctuation and grammar) 

Oak academy / lessons / literacy / year 3 / English grammar / punctuation lesson objectives / lessons 1 to 5


Tuesday 02.02.2021

What challenges can an ageing population present?

Oak Academy / Lessons / Geography / Population / Lesson 6


Wednesday  03.02.2021

How is oxygen transported round our bodies?

Oak Academy / Lessons / Science / Human anatomy / Lesson 5:

Wider Curriculum

Every Monday, Thursday and Friday, choose one activity from the 'Wider curriculum and Well being page'  and  have fun! These activities will change weekly and should    be completed.