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w/c 14.12.20

Maths infomation


Please go to the following website for your lesson inputs. You need to   click on the current week, which is the   top one on the list and also says “current week”. This will direct you to another webpage, where you will find all the lesson inputs for the week.


You need to watch the lesson inputs, before you complete the questions. The questions for each lesson can be found below.  The answers are also below, so you can mark your work. Please be aware that some of the lessons recap the Year 4 curriculum. This means some of the answers will say Year 4, but they are the correct answers. In the first term, we recap some skills previously taught.  


At the end of each unit, there will be a mini assessment. If the lesson is a mini assessment, then there is no lesson input. This means you only have to do the questions and not watch an input. Please remember to still mark your work. If you go to the "current week" and there are only 4 lesson inputs, the last lesson is a mini assessment and therefore has NO lesson input. 


If you do not have access to a printer, you can just read the questions from the screen and write your answers on a piece of paper.