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World Book Day Activities

World Book Day Activities for the week:

World Book Day is on Thursday 4th March  however, it is a great opportunity to celebrate books and reading   throughout the course of the week.   There are activities specific to the whole school book 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner, you will find these under the 'Flotsam' star.  Please also find below a selection of resources   that you can choose from - you could    do a different one each day / every other day or just one over the course of  the week - it is entirely up to you!

1) Complete this 'Share a Story' chart to claim a certificate .

You can complete the chart online here:

or print the downloadable chart from this PDF:

2) Create an 'Animal   page, corner bookmark' by using the template and following these instructions:

3) Try out this World Book Day Quiz. You may not know all the answers but you may learn some new facts along the way:


4) You may like to go on a World Book Day Scavenger Hunt. I think this is really exciting - I wonder how many of these you can find in your book case at home - I can't wait to see what you find - if you get stuck you may be able to find some through an online resource / library which is really good, modern way to access a wide variety of new books:

5) Create a selfie for your favourite book characters - make a note underneath so I know who they are and which   book they are from:
6) Create   a scene or a character from your favourite book using a   variety of different materials.   Snap a picture of your creation next to the book it is from and upload it.  See the picture below for some inspiration: