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How to apply for place for your child at Widmer End Preschool.


We are now taking  admission for September 2020  through to July 2021.  Some sessions have very limited availability.


Step 1. Submit an Admission Form and also a Session Request Form.

Step 2. We will reply either confirming which sessions we are able to offer or inviting you to join the waiting list. We will also send you an acceptance form and the relevant funding forms.

Step 3. Return the acceptance form and funding  forms together with a refundable £25 deposit.

Step 4. We will send a receipt for the deposit and invite you and your child to an individual  New Starters Induction meeting.

Step 5. When you have confirmed you can make the meeting we will send you a full welcome pack, the details of which we can go through in your meeting.


If you would like to visit the preschool please call the School Office on 01494 714371 or email and we will happily arrange a suitable date and time for that to happen.





Early Education Funding 


As of September 2010 the entitlement for funding was increased to 15 hours per week over a maximum of 38 weeks (570 hours per year) and should be delivered in a flexible way wherever possible to meet the needs of working parents. Children will continue to be eligible for free provision from 1st April, 1st September or 1st January following their third birthday and will cease to be eligible when they reach compulsory school age (term after their fifth birthday).

Eligible children have an entitlement to a maximum of 15 free hours over 38 weeks per year. The hours must be made available within the national parameters:

  • No session longer than 10 hours
  • No session shorter than 2.5 hours
  • Not before 8 am or after 6.00pm
  • The full 15 hours over no fewer than 3 days (which may include weekends if available)
  • No more than 12.5 hours over 2 days
  • A maximum of 2 providers at any one time.

As a minimum a provider should be offering at least:
5 x 3 hour sessions over 5 days or
3 x 5 hour sessions over 3 days