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Pastoral Care

Here at Widmer End Community Combined School our values of Unity, Trust, Courage, Curiosity, Respect and Kindness are what underpins our ethos of supporting children and their families in every aspect of their lives, whether in school or at home. 

The frontline of Pastoral care always begins with the class teacher and teaching assistants for every child; as they are the ones who have the most direct contact with the children. If it comes to light that a child is unhappy or their emotional wellbeing or mental health is affecting their learning then the parents & Pastoral leader will be informed. 

We have a dedicated Pastoral Leader, Miss Katie Allen, who is always available to provide emotional support to our children and their families. Miss Allen has a firm foundation surrounding emotional literacy, SEN, Zones of Regulation, death, grief & bereavement and is a fully qualified ELSA. Miss Allen works alongside the children directly. She supports the staff and the families who are in need of extra pastoral support, whether this is on a long term basis or to support short term needs. She can be contacted at kallen@widmerend.bucks.sch.uk or via the school office and is happy to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your child’s wellbeing. 

Below are some of the interventions that we offer to children to help improve their emotional wellbeing and mental health. They help to support them and promote a more stable baseline for their learning and for them to grow.

  • ELSA Groups - a more targeted intervention for children who may feel insecure in school or require some help with emotional and social skills.
  • Mindfulness - children learn techniques to help us with our mental health.
  • Social Stories - for children who struggle with self-awareness and understanding of social expectations 
  • Zones of Regulation - to manage self-regulation skills to control behaviours
  • Young Carers Group
  • Team of Life Group
  • Nurture Groups - Small groups of children dedicated to help build resilience
  • Child bereavement support


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