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Remote Education

If you find yourself with a child    at home, isolating due to Covid,  the following provision is for them.

If they are well enough to attend to their learning please ensure they   complete each   subject  as follows:

English  each day

Maths   each day

Reading   each day

Science   2   lessons (over 10 day period)

PSHE 2 lessons ( over 10 day period)

History   2 lessons (over 10 day period)

Art and Craft   optional


The following links will take you to a series of lesson plans for each subject. These    cover    both core and foundation subjects:

English (writing) Chocolate Making:

There are 15 lessons in this series of work. Please attend to at least 1 a day.


Reading   Please complete    both these units attending to one lesson per day:

There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom:

Hansel and Gretel:


Maths : Please choose one of the following units that will best support your child. 1    lesson per day should be completed:

Addition and Subtraction

Reasoning with 4 digit numbers

Multiplication and Division

Securing multiplication facts






All About Me





Art and Design: