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Trips, Visits and Extra Curricular

Educational Visits


The study of the aspects of the National Curriculum is enhanced through classes visiting appropriate and relevant places of interest outside the school community. Pupils studying Science and Geography may visit local environmental study centres and the open-air museum, for example. Visits can include museums, national trust properties, theatre shows, farms, zoos or wildlife areas, and exhibitions. Each class takes part in at least  two visits per year. 


Residential Visits


Pupils in Years 5 and 6 gain valuable experience of staying for several days away from home at an activity camp. Children learn the team building and social skills which they will need in later life. Visits to JCA or PGL camps and venues are our regular choice with pupils experiencing activities such as rock climbing, water sports, team building exercises and more.


Extra-curricular Activities


Children may join a variety of clubs although the range is dependent upon the staff available. Activities may include Sport, Drama, Choir, Computers, Eco-club or Cookery. There is also opportunity to pay for coach-led clubs such as Kickboxing, Football, Technology  and Dance. Children are encouraged to participate in inter school competitions in Netball, Football, Table tennis and Cross Country teams.