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Vision and Values

Widmer End Combined School Aims

1.   To develop our independence as learners, eager and motivated to achieve 
      our potential.
2.   To be provided with opportunities for us to investigate and explore the 
      world around us.
3.   To value and respect ourselves and others.
4.   To provide a secure and happy environment for everyone in our 
5.   To nurture the skills we need for life and develop a love of learning. 



Our Vision


Our vision reflects a passionate commitment to providing a safe, happy and nurturing environment in which children will thrive in their learning and in their growth as individuals. Our approach of promoting our six core values of courage, curiosity, trust, unity, happiness and respect within our school will inspire a love of learning and unlock the potential that lies within all of our children, preparing them to be successful and responsible citizens both now and in the future.   

Values based Education

Our Core Values:




The children learn about each of these Values through their PSHE as well as other curriculum areas. Our teachers and school staff all embody these values and model them on a daily basis.