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Textile Recycling Scheme

The School Association has a clothing bin on the school premises where you can donate used clothing and other items through the 'Kids Just Recycle' fundraising scheme. 


This will raise 40p per kilo of textiles, but they need to be clean, dry and within in a bag when placed in the bin or it will spoil the other items around it.  We are so keen to be mindful of landfill and feel that this will help! This company maximise using everything, even damaged items which can then be used for cleaning rags. Anyone can use this clothing bin, so feel free to tell neighbours, friends and family that it is there to use!

What can we recycle?


Any dry textiles can be put into the recycling bin, but not all would be paid at our ton rate. Items that are not paid for would be sent to third world countries free of charge, so you can be assured that nothing will be filling our landfill sites.


What happens to the textiles once they have been collected?

All items are hand sorted and separated for specific destinations around the world.

All Grade A clothes consist of being 100% wearable, in good shape and colour with no marks or stains and these will be sent to shops just like the second-hand shops we have in the UK. They supply shops in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, The Czech Republic and many more countries where they will be resold to help those struggling communities.


All Grade B clothing and school wear would go further afield to their partners in Africa, Ghana, Cameroon and The Ivory Coast and may be over-washed, slightly misshapen or have small marks on.


Any bedding that is donated also gets a second lease of life by being used as dust sheets for painting garages and shops or cut up for rags in car washes – so a massive 85% gets a second use.


Closer to home and here in the UK, all new underwear including new socks are given to their charity partner, Hands On London, whose volunteers distribute these to vulnerable homeless people on the streets of London. Similarly, any sleeping bags are donated to their homeless charities and they have recently donated a generous supply to The Spitalfields Crypt Trust.


We quite often receive new balls of knitting wool which they pass on to ladies at The Samaritans who in turn pass on, free of charge, to other knitting enthusiasts who make soft toys for children and donate them to paediatric hospitals and children’s charities; nothing is wasted.


Recycle clothes, Raise Money and Save the Planet!


- Clean and dry clothes
- Paired shoes and footwear

- Towels

- Sheets

- Blankets

- Curtains

- Sleeping bags

- Soiled rag
- Wet-Damp-Smelly items
- Carpet

- Rugs

- Glass 

- Metal

- Paper

- Rubbish!


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